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2nd time with this vendor and it gets better everytime😊cant wait for the next transaction i will definitely be back! Ordered around sunday and shipped immediately monday morning and received it wednesday (today)😊😀😀👍2 days

Ive had trash that I’ve bought on the DN over the past several years. These are deff upper level adderall. Not cut and pressed with a bunch of diller. That neg neg comment probably came from another vendor trying to claim his came from the pharmacy and selling them at $16 a pop!!!

Stealth is on point (product arrived perfectly in tact), presses look/feel damned good too…but most importantly—the product is absolute FIRE—very potent, stronger than anything walgreens or cvs is pushing, thats for sure.Stay safe!!

This Guy! Mark my words, he is going to be legendary in the community. He is already well on his way. Not only are his shipping times the fastest and his presses the best, but he also cares for the customer.

This is the first vendor I’ve used in many months who actually shipped out the order AND who shipped it out literally less than 24 hours after order was placed. I placed my order late at night and it shipped the very next day! I will NEVER go anywhere else!

My man comes thru again like clockwork as always! Super fast shipping, great stealth, fire product, and generous amount of extras as always. He is the BEST in the addy game hands down. Thank u as always my friend! Stay safe!!