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The Magic Mushrooms Experience

Magic Mushrooms Trip

Magic Mushrooms Trip  Magic Mushrooms and their active ingredient psilocybin have recently fallen under the radar of scholars and researchers — and no wonder. Psychedelics, in general, now seem to gradually enter the mainstream, as more and more celebrities are starting to reveal their encounters with mind-altering substances, such as LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and ayahuasca. […]

The healing power of psychedelics

Power of psychedelics 

Power of psychedelics  Stress is inevitable and suffering is universal, but victimhood is optional. The choice is yours, says Dr.Eger, who survived a concentration camp during World War II and reflected on life in her book. However, it is not easy to change the brain by using the brain itself. Stress causes maladaptive plasticity within the […]

How Living Feels After Being Mentally Healed by Psychedelics

Order psychedelics online

Order psychedelics online for mental healing  It’s a year now since my two Ayahuasca ceremonies in two days, which was preceded by a few MDMA-assisted therapy evenings and followed by a few magic mushroom journeys, all for the purposes of healing. The experiences lifted my anxiety. I haven’t been depressed since i learn to Order […]

A Simple Blog Post

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