Please Read carefully before sending a message.

Is your product really as the stated dosages and/or uncut?

Everything is tested for purity and consistency from one batch to the next. In case a product would not be available in its unadulterated form then it is not listed. If a product would be cut it would be states in the product description. Taking product to lab analysis by customers is strongly encouraged!.

My order didn't arrive yet, what should I do?

Please don’t pointlessly write that your overseas orders didn’t arrive yet when you only placed the order a few days back. Only message me with your order details if it hasn’t arrived in 1 week for USA or in 2 weeks for Overseas

Can you include a free sample in my order?

There are no samples given unless there would be a promotion or you are a bulk customer. Packing samples is time consuming, and the customer feedback is there for a reason.

Can I pay COD or Escrow ?

No. You need us as much as we need you.We do what we do because we can. If you don’t want to risk, then don’t get High

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