Shipping Terms And Instructions : 

Triple check that the address is not misspelled, and properly formatted as per your country’s postal rules in a way that it can be directly copy/pasted.

Format for USA Address:

John Doe
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

If the package  gets seized or exploited, it’s not good for anyone that the delivery addresses can be seen.

All Untracked orders do not require a signature, and are delivered directly into the mailbox. Unless you have special regulations in your country – which is what you as the buyer have to know yourself.

Tracking is available only on orders that are worth at least $300 for Europe or $250 for the rest of the world. We have the tracking option among the shipping selections.

If you’ll select the non-tracked option it will be shipped untracked in one or multiple letters. So make sure to actually select the tracked option if you want it tracked.

– All orders placed on workdays are normally processed and shipped within 6 to 24 hours depending on your location .

RESHIPS : UNTRACKED ORDERS: – Done on a case by case basis. They are 50-100 percent depending mostly on your attitude and purchase history.

TRACKED ORDERS:   If an order would get lost/seized, you are covered with a 50% reship on any and all items in the order for destinations within the United States , and 25% for orders going to  Europe and Worldwide .


– You had ordered to the same address from one or more other vendors at the same time, and one of the other orders got intercepted which in turn flags other shipments going to the same address.

– There were mistakes in the address you provided. – Leaving negative reviews before waiting for a normal amount (1 weeks for Europe, and 2 weeks for the rest of the world) for delivery or a reship/resolution.

COUNTRIES WITH A ZERO RESHIP POLICY: Australia | New Zealand Happy to ship there with great stealth used, but be aware take you are taking a full risk in case a loss happens.