The Magic Mushrooms Experience

Magic Mushrooms Trip

Magic Mushrooms Trip 

Suddenly, it all became extremely intense and asked Levi what was going on. He just said, “we are tripping.” I didn’t understand what he meant by that. I couldn’t come up with an explanation why we’d done this.

Now what?
What’s the plan?
Why did we do this?
Nothing made sense. Levi murmured, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

I asked him if he could start talking to me. Anything would’ve done the job, but he couldn’t say a thing. So, I started texting some of my friends and kept asking them whether all this made sense. The feeling that I had back there was that I couldn’t see any way out of the ‘trip.’ My mind wasn’t able to figure our when this all was going to end.

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