How Living Feels After Being Mentally Healed by Psychedelics

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It’s a year now since my two Ayahuasca ceremonies in two days, which was preceded by a few MDMA-assisted therapy evenings and followed by a few magic mushroom journeys, all for the purposes of healing.

The experiences lifted my anxiety. I haven’t been depressed since i learn to Order psychedelics online. I feel stronger in many ways. It’s not all good though, and I have several observations and other effects that I was never expecting. Pre-psychedelics, I’m not sure it would’ve been possible to expect them, because I had no idea they could exist. My world has changed.

I used to be bogged down by anxiety, particularly social anxiety, as well as have horrible confidence and self-worth issues, and occasional depression. Over a decade, I did a lot to help myself. I used self-help and had hypnotherapy and CBT. I spent a lot of time outside of my comfort zone. I made a lot of progress over that decade, but I knew things could be better. Over just a few months of the drug-assisted therapy, I did more for myself than in a whole decade of hard work. One year on, the effects are largely still with me.

I credit the self-worth healing to MDMA therapy. I have a more clear purpose in life thanks to the Ayahuasca (DMT), which also booted out my social anxiety in two days. I grew up quickly under the influence of the mushrooms and when i Order psychedelics online. I got new insights and can make quick connections and can now be my own therapist on the spot, with revelations sometimes coming as I need them in the moment.

Things aren’t perfect. That’s an impossible goal as a human. My symptoms of anxiety have returned very mildly – but that’s no surprise living the strange life of Earth 2020. I would think almost everyone is feeling at least something.

Looking back, I think I did one mushroom journey too many. It was a bad trip and a very unpleasant night. No damage was done but it’s made me not want to go back to psychedelics since – although I will, when I feel it’s time. I was quite shaken for a week after that night. It coincided with a lot of space satellite activity and I was starting to suspect aliens. Perhaps taking psychedelics under the backdrop of a pandemic spreading across the world and towards home wasn’t the best idea. Setting is important, and I neglected it.

I was due to return to MDMA a couple of weeks ago but ended up being visited by the police. Nothing came of it luckily. It’s terrible that we could be in trouble with the law for trying to heal. More so than if we were taking cocaine or heroin, in fact. This must change soon – and in the case of magic mushrooms, it finally is with good legal news emerging from both Canada and the USA.

So now here I am, a year since the experiences, in a very different head.

I’m the same person, but better. I’m less quiet. I’m stronger. I feel good. I’m mentally on top of things. I can take most things that come at me.

I’m happy not knowing. I’m happy in a lot of ways. I feel like I know what I’m doing in life and what’s important now. I no longer need to chase constant healing or outside validation.

I’m ok. And that’s enough.

I’ll still go back when the time is right though. If Mother Ayahuasca calls, I will go. Other drinkers of Aya will understand that. If I feel the need to return to mushrooms, I will do so. I made a deal with a part of me to return with MDMA too, so when it’s safe to do so – safe from the law, that is – I will. I expect I’ll get even better. But in the meantime, I’m ok. More than ok.

But weirdly, it’s something I won’t recommend to others. Not mushrooms or Ayahuasca, anyway. It feels like that’s a journey I shouldn’t interfere in. If my writing guides you that way, it’s up to you. It may put you off. Either way, that’s your choice. I do recommend MDMA but there are safety and legal concerns that come with it. It’s all worth considering though, unless you are at risk of psychosis or other things that don’t mix well. Do your research and use a sitter. If it’s for you, you’ll likely do it when you’re ready.

The recent changes in law and attitudes to psychedelics have been a long time coming. The drugs have science on their side. I now have what the drugs have taught me on mine.

I’m forever grateful.

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